All your favourite strains, deliciously delivered in a sweet foil-wrapped treat. Our chocoshrooms are an easy way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin with less of the harsh taste. Potency varies considerably by strain, but each chocoshroom contains a full gram to make more precise dosing a snap.



One of our easiest ways to dose with greater precision, these scrumptious chocoshrooms are packed with a full gram of our top quality Canadian-grown magic mushrooms, then wrapped in strain-specific coloured metallic foil to stay fresh and potent up to a year (or indefinitely, if kept in the freezer). All of our varieties are available as chocoshrooms, but because strain potencies can vary considerably, strain-specific dosage guides are provided on the linked pages of each dried shroom variety. Our mildest strains are the Amazonian, Panamanian, Cuban and Ecuadorian mushrooms. Medium-strength strains include our most popular Golden Teacher mushrooms, as well as the Alacabenzi, B+, Burmese, Mazatapec, Rustywhyte and Transkei varieties, and for our most potent strains, try the Albino A+, Mexicana, Blue Meanie and the legendary Penis Envy shrooms.

Shaman’s Basket also offers all of these dried shroom varieties as convenient microdose capsules and delicious teas.


The unique nature of the human brain means that everyone’s personal experiences will be different when using psilocybin, which is why for all our strains, especially ones you are trying for the first time, we always suggest waiting at least an hour to 90 minutes before increasing your dosage. Our products are carefully weighed and packaged, but the individual effects and the duration of them will naturally be unique for every person, sometimes despite their tolerance for other substances. For this reason, we also urge new users to avoid alcohol and to stay hydrated, especially if your shroom trip involves outdoor activity or physical movement of any kind. If you’re attempting larger doses or feeling the least bit nervous, make sure you’re in safe surroundings before you start, and consider recruiting a sober, non-judgemental trip-sitter, even just to check in on you from time to time. Trip smart and avoid risks, especially while on holiday: never scuba dive or operate any vehicle, marine vessel or power tools while under the influence of mind-altering substances like psilocybin. If you’re already on medication, please consult with a trusted physician before using any of these products. We strongly advise anyone who is currently pregnant or breastfeeding to temporarily refrain from using these or any magic mushrooms. Everything sold at Shaman’s Basket – and anything containing psilocybin – should be kept far away from minors and pets.

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Transkei, Golden Teacher, Alacabenzi, Ecuador, Mazatapec, Penis Envy, Mexicana, Blue Meanie, Amazon, B+, Panama


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