Golden Teacher Mushrooms


Tap into the universal spirit of the ancient psilocybin sensei with Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, a trusted and transformative strain that extend just as warm a welcome to first-time users as they do to old friends. Happy vibes at smaller doses and at high doses, a feelgood rocket to another dimension, they’re always our most popular strain. Buy now and have these shrooms discreetly shipped to you anywhere in Canada.

Discovered: Florida Everglades (now grown in Canada)

Onset Time: 30-90 mins

Duration: 3-5 hrs

Intensity: Medium


Golden Teacher (aka Golden Emperor) Mushrooms

Known as both Golden Emperor and Golden Teacher mushrooms, this legendary strain has earned its accolades and education credentials across decades and continents by facilitating countless inward journeys and affirming revelations.

A gold standard not just because of the hue of their caps, these beloved shrooms have served as trusted instructor and patient guide to seekers of all sorts, whether they’re just looking for trippy fun or vision-questing for answers to life’s great questions. One of the best introductions to the wonderful world of psilocybes, Golden Teachers are also our most popular strain for fans of a classic psychedelic experience, producing everything from simple visual tracers at smaller doses to transformative and mind-altering effects at higher amounts. An energetic, joyful strain that is a perennial favourite no matter where you’re at, Golden Teacher shrooms lend themselves just as well to social situations as they do to alone time. Small dose GT users revel in its sparkly power-ups that can erupt in lots of giggles and help break through dark days and brain fog, and medium to large doses bring on shimmering visuals and profound sensations of interconnectedness, making this strain ideal for treating chronic depression.

What to Expect on a Golden Teacher Trip

Starting almost like a caffeine buzz, this strain takes between 30 to 60 minutes to get rolling, with doses over 2 grams capable of boosting you to more intense hallucinogenic experiences, at the peak of a trip which usually lasts between 3 and 5 hours from start to finish, depending on your body mass. Heroic dose users may find themselves experiencing life inside a surrealist painting where objects appear to melt and their vision is warped, and time and space dissolve so that cosmic journeys can seem to whisk you away and back in a mere instant. Sensual in the extreme, whether you’re outdoors experiencing the beauties of the natural world or taking in a spectacle of light, colour and sound… every venue can be a psychedelic circus, even your living room. This class is always in session, and like all the best teachers, the true skill of the GTs is to help you find the path and the answers within yourself.

Shaman’s Basket has Golden Teacher mushrooms available in classic dried format and as tea, chocolates, gummies, and in pre-measured microdose gelcaps.

Dosage Guide

Dosage Weight
0.1g – 0.25g
0.25g – 1g
1g – 2.5g
2.5g – 4g
4g – 5.5g
5.5g +
  • This chart is for general guidance only. A wide range of factors like your metabolism, age, body mass, current medications, tolerance of other substances and even your frame of mind can all have a significant effect on the intensity and duration of your trip, as can the way you choose to consume your shrooms (dried vs tea or edibles).
  • Impatient? Different strains have different onsets, but legions of psychonauts have reported success in accelerating the time of their come-up using the popular “lemon tek” hack of saturating dried shrooms in lemon or lime juice for 20 minutes before consuming; however, the results will likely last about half as long as they would with standard consumption.

The unique nature of the human brain means that everyone’s personal experiences will be different when using psilocybin, which is why for all our strains, especially ones you are trying for the first time, we always suggest waiting at least an hour to 90 minutes before increasing your dosage. Our products are carefully weighed and packaged, but the individual effects and the duration of them will naturally be unique for every person, sometimes despite their tolerance for other substances. For this reason, we also urge new users to avoid alcohol and to stay hydrated, especially if your shroom trip involves outdoor activity or physical movement of any kind. If you’re attempting larger doses or feeling the least bit nervous, make sure you’re in safe surroundings before you start, and consider recruiting a sober, non-judgemental trip-sitter, even just to check in on you from time to time. Trip smart and avoid risks, especially while on holiday: never scuba dive or operate any vehicle, marine vessel or power tools while under the influence of mind-altering substances like psilocybin. If you’re already on medication, please consult with a trusted physician before using any of these products. We strongly advise anyone who is currently pregnant or breastfeeding to temporarily refrain from using these or any magic mushrooms. Everything sold at Shaman’s Basket – and anything containing psilocybin – should be kept far away from minors and pets.

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