Microdose Mushroom Capsules


Take it easy with capsule-based versions of all our most popular psilocybin varieties, sold singularly and in adventure packs of 3 and 7.


Microdose Mushroom Capsules

Our mildest strains are the Amazonian, Panamanian, Cuban and Ecuadorian mushrooms. Medium-strength strains include our most popular Golden Teacher mushrooms, as well as the Alacabenzi, B+, Burmese, Mazatapec, Rustywhyte and Transkei varieties, and for our most potent strains, try the Albino A+, Mexicana, Blue Meanie and the legendary Penis Envy shrooms.


Additional information

Capsule Variety

Golden Teacher, Transkei, Alacabenzi, Ecuador, Medley, Mazatapec, Blue Meanie

Capsule Quantity

3 pcs, 7 pcs, 14 pcs, 28 pcs, 56 pcs


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